Introduction to Tokubetsuhaikan (Special Viewing)

For a five-year period from 2016 until 2020, each temple in the Saikoku Sanjusansho pilgrimage circuit will unveil halls, bodhisattvas, gardens, and temple treasures that are ordinarily closed for public viewing.
※The following schedule is planned for 2017.


  Temple names Special viewing outline Viewing period
1 Seigantoji ・Sutra mounds and Buddha statues discovered in Nachizan 2017/03/25-2017/05/07
2 Kongohoji (Kimiidera) ・Special viewing of inner sanctuary in main hall 2017/03/25-2017/04/09
*Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays only during April 15-May 7
3 Kokawadera ・Unveiling of the Senju-do Hall Gohonzon (For the first time in 8 years) 2017/03/25-2017/05/07
4 Sefukuji ・The wooden statue of Jikei Daishi Ryogen, the 18th Tendai-zasu (the head priest of the Tendai Sect) 2017/03/25-2017/05/07
5 Fujiidera ・Special unveiling of areas closed to the public 2017/04/19-2017/05/07
6 Minamihokkeji (Tsubosakadera) ・(1)Exhibiting Dai-hina Mandala
・(2)Unveiling of the Tahoto (treasure hall) and Hibutsu, Dainichinyoraizo (Heian period)
・(3)First public Hibutsu, Amidanyoraizo(Muromachi period)
7 Okadera ・Triple tower mural painting / door painting special opening Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays only during April 1-May 7
8 Hasedera ・(1)Spring special viewing of Honzon Daikannon-sonzo
・(2)Autumn special viewing of Honzon Daikannon-sonzo
9 Kohfukuji Nan-endo ・Special viewing of Karikodo (including Ashura-zo)  2017/03/15-2017/06/18
10 Mimurotoji ・Unveiling of the important cultural properties; five Buddha statues (Amidasanzon, Shakanyorai and Bishamonten) 2017/04/01-2017/04/30
11 Kamidaigo Junteidou
・Mirokudo Hall and Mirokubosatsu-zazo made by Kaikei (Important cultural properties)
・Junjokan (Important cultural property)
・Okushinden (Important cultural property)
*Mirokubosatsuzazo is until Thursday, April 20
*Viewing may not be available due to Buddhist services or events.
12 Shouhouji(Iwamadera) ・Worshipping in the Main Hall (Unveiling of the important cultural property, Jizo Bosatsu)
・Unveiling of Sanjusan Kannondo Hall
13 Ishiyamadera ・Enno-Gyōja and Two Attendants(Zenki and Goki) 2017/01/06-2017/11/30
14 Miidera ・Viewing of Buddha statues including statues of Aizen Myo-o (Important cultural property) and Bishamonten
・Special viewing of Shoson (various Buddha statues) in the inner sanctuary of Kannondo
15 Imakumanokannonji ・Unveiling of the Gohonzon and special viewing of the inner sanctuary and Tohachi-bishamonten 2017/03/11-2017/03/20
16 Kiyomizudera ・(1)Worship to have a good relationship with Dainichi Nyorai made of driftwood (pine) found in earthquake-stricken Rikuzentakata City
・(2)Buddhist service for the seventh anniversary of the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake
Buddhist service before Dainichi Nyorai Zazo made of driftwood (pine) found in Rikuzentakata City

17 Rokuharamitsuji ・Special viewing of the inner sanctuary and Goko-miei 2017/03/11-2017/03/13
18 Rokkakudo Chohoji ・Unveiling of Hibutsu Gohonzon, Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu 2017/03/11-2017/04/10
19 Koudou Gyouganji ・Special viewing of the inner sanctuary (Viewing of the Gohonzon and exhibition of the leather clothes from which the name “Koudou (Leather Hall)” is derived) 2017/03/11-2017/03/17
20 Yoshiminedera ・Spring viewing of Monju Temple Treasure Hall 2017/04/01-2017/06/30
*Only Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
*Every day from April 1-April 16
21 Anaouji ・Princess Anju and Prince Zushi-Omaru Talisman (worn next to the skin)Special viewing of Gohonzon 2017/05/01-2017/06/30
22 Sojiji ・Special viewing of temple treasures 2017/06/01-2017/06/30
23 Katsuoji ・Unveiling of temple treasures 2017/06/01-2017/06/30
*Only Saturdays and Sundays
24 Nakayamadera ・Unveiling of temple treasures 2017/06/01-2017/06/30
*Only Saturdays and Sundays
25 Banshu Kiyomizudera ・Unveiling of the eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu Gohonzon in the Konponchudo Hall (Publish once in 30 years) 2017/11/01-2017/11/30
26 Ichijyoji ・Special viewing of the inner sanctuary in Daihikaku (important cultural property) and Hibutsu Gohonzon 2017/05/03-2017/05/05
27 Engyoji ・(1)“Spring Green Festival: Viewing of Cultural Properties”
Special viewing of Daikodo Shakasanzonzo, Jogyodo Jorokuamidanyorai-zazo and Kaizando Shokushonin-zo (All of these buildings and Buddha statues are important cultural properties.)
・(2)“Autumn Maple Festival: Viewing of Cultural Properties”
Viewing of Tacchu Jumyoin and Kongodo (important cultural properties)

28 Nariaiji ・Special viewing of Nehanzu (Muromachi period) 2017/05/01-2017/05/10
29 Matsuno'odera ・(1)The 18th Spring Exhibition of Matsuno’odera Treasure House

・(2)The 19th Autumn Exhibition of Matsuno’odera Treasure House
(1)First half 2017/03/18-2017/03/21,2017/03/23-2017/04/17
Latter half 2017/04/20-2017/05/21
(2)First half 2017/09/23-2017/10/22
Latter half 2017/10/25-2017/11/26
30 Hougonji ・Unveiling of three-storied pagoda 2017/10/15-2017/010/31
31 Chomeiji ・Viewing of inner sanctuary in three-storied pagoda which is an important cultural property 2017/10/15-2017/10/29
32 Kannonshoji ・Viewing of Senjukannon-ezu; Gohonzon Ominugui and viewing of the inner sanctuary 2017/10/15-2017/10/29
33 Kegonji ・Unveiling of temple treasures 2017/10/15-2017/10/31