“Monthly Pilgrimage” in which pilgrims receive a special red stamp at one temple once a month

A new pilgrimage initiative starting on the occasion of this 1300 year commemorative event in which pilgrims receive a special red seal at one designated pilgrimage site once a month

In recent years, Japan has been hit with one natural disaster after another, and there is growing concern toward the increasingly volatile state of global affairs. While it has been five years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Japan is still on the path toward recovery.
On the occasion of the 1300th anniversary of the inception of the Saigoku Sanjusansho Pilgrimage, a Buddhist memorial service will be held every month at one temple on the pilgrimage circuit, in addition to a “monthly pilgrimage” to pray for the recovery of disaster stricken areas and for world peace together with pilgrims. On the day of the memorial service, participants will receive a special stamp together with the red stamp in your nokyo-cho (prayer book), so do participate in this event! This pilgrimage format will be continued after the end of the commemorative event.

Starting from April 2016 at the first pilgrimage site!

This is a new pilgrimage format in which pilgrims receive a special red stamp (seen above) at one temple along the pilgrimage route in numerical order once a month at a designated date and time. We will continue this pilgrimage format into the future.

1 Seigantoji 2019/1/18 10:00 Wakayama Prefecture 0735-55-0001
2 Kongohoji (Kimiidera) 2019/2/17 10:00-12:00・13:00-15:00
2019/2/18 10:00-12:00・13:00-15:00
Wakayama Prefecture 073-444-1002
3 Kokawadera 2019/3/16 13:30
2019/3/17 13:30
Wakayama Prefecture 0736-73-4830
4 Sefukuji 2019/4/21 11:00 Osaka Prefecture 0725-92-2332
5 Fujiidera 2019/5/19 14:00
2019/5/20 14:00
Osaka Prefecture 072-938-0005
6 Minamihokkeji (Tsubosakadera) 2019/6/16 11:00
2019/6/17 11:00
Nara Prefecture 0744-52-2016
7 Okadera 2019/7/13 10:00
2019/7/14 10:00
Nara Prefecture 0744-54-2007
8 Hasedera 2019/8/17 11:00
2019/8/18 11:00
Nara Prefecture 0744-47-7001
9 Kohfukuji Nan-endo 2019/9/17 9:00 Nara Prefecture 0742-24-4920
10 Mimurotoji 2019/10/25 9:00 Kyoto Prefecture 0774-21-2067
11 Kamidaigo Junteidou 2019/11/3 10:30
2019/11/4 10:30
Kyoto Prefecture 075-571-0002
12 Shouhouji(Iwamadera) 2019/12/8 11:00 Shiga Prefecture 077-534-2412
13 Ishiyamadera 2020/1/18 10:00 Shiga Prefecture 077-537-0013
14 Miidera 2020/2/16 10:00 Shiga Prefecture 077-522-2238
15 Imakumanokannonji 2020/3/18 11:00 Kyoto Prefecture 075-561-5511

*The above is the schedule to date. It may change depending on circumstances.