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・	The image of Kannon Bosatsu wearing garb showing the Saigoku Sanjusansho route has been made into a logo

Visualizing the story of Saigoku Sanjusansho

To embody the unique story of Saigoku Sanjusansho as “holy sites revealed by Kannon Bosatsu 1300 years ago to save people,” the image of Kannon Bosatsu standing in a lotus flower wearing garb showing the Sanjusansho route and watching over the people has been made into a logo.

Provided free-of-charge to cooperating localities, businesses, and groups

In celebrating 1300 years since the inauguration of Saigoku Sanjusansho, we are providing this logo to be used free-of-charge by localities, businesses, and groups that will support us in promoting this event.
We have started providing this logo free-of-charge to businesses that manufacture and distribute local specialty confectionery for travel agencies and pilgrimage sites, and will continue soliciting far and wide for support from localities, businesses, and groups. If you would like to support us in promoting this event, please feel free to contact us at the following number.

TEL 077-548-8621 FAX 077-548-8623 E-mail info@saikoku33.gr.jp
 西国三十三所札所会 事務局
 TEL 075-744-6233 FAX 075-744-6236 E-mail info@saikoku33.gr.jp
 〒604-8026 京都市中京区新町通三条上ル町頭町112 菊三ビル501号室